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  • First of all, if loving your home enough to not only rebuild it but improve it is romanticizing, then yeah, GT "romanticizes" Gallifrey. The classism and systemic problems in Gallifreyan society are something that has come up in almost every single group discussion we've had recently. One of our group's biggest inspirations is a Gustav Mahler quote that reads "Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of the flame." The DWkin community thinks we're out there trying to Make Gallifrey Great Again or something, but that's not it at all-- we're trying to make Gallifrey better.
  • Second, GT doesn't "target" kin/fictives of the Master-- I do. And saying I "target" them is the most dramatic bullshit I've ever had the dishonor of hearing. I'm an Oakdown, and the Master is more or less my family. I always make it clear to them when I meet them: "This is who I am, this is who I have in my system, if that makes you uncomfortable you're more than welcome to never speak to us again and we won't judge you."
  • Third-- yes. Rassilon's here. He's quite a nice guy, too, despite what canon will have you believe. But once again, the anger they have towards GT in this case isn't about GT, it's about me, and it's bullshit. I do venerate Rassilon. I suppose you could call our relationship worship-- it certainly looks that way from a certain angle. But from a different angle, it looks like a platonic BDSM relationship. Neither angle tells the correct story. The correct interpretation is that I am fulfilling a very ancient and very specific role, the precedent for which was set long before I began my life on Gallifrey, much less here on earth. It's a role that I'm a little bit protective of, and it's hilarious that they'd think that the goal of GT is to indoctrinate everyone else into fulfilling it too.
  • Fourth? AUK abused me, NOT the other way around. And even if it was the other way around, I DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL OF GT. I'm still recovering from the damage he did to my circadian rhythm, among other things. Which I could forgive him for, if he hadn't manipulated River in order to do it. You hurt me, fine, but you hurt my moirail and you're going down, son.


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