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Someone (not naming names, but it was definitely R. Prydonius) got our IP blocked from doctorwhokinfessions on Tumblr. I mean, thank you for trying to help, but with all due respect, you sound like an anime villain. 
Before y'all start freaking out-- he didn't send them hate, it was a "back the hell off of Cass and GT, they don't care about you and you're basically a meme to them" ask. doctorwhokinfessions has DFE'd and remade for less than that. "Less than that," in this case, meaning "it's fucked up that you have a monthly special occasion dedicated to harassing an avoidant autistic person over something that they already apologized for, this joke has gone on long enough and you need to stop." I sent them one ask about that, [personal profile] thehiysystem sent another ask voicing agreement, and the mods of DWK apparently think that constitutes harassment? (Whereas, like, spreading libel about someone because they friendzoned you is apparently perfectly acceptable.) 
Tumblr's got a warped definition of what constitutes abuse and harassment. I literally saw someone saying that redemption arcs (particularly the Twissy arc in the most recent season of Doctor Who) romanticize abuse, because they involve "forcing someone to go against their nature." Do these people even hear themselves? If they think that anyone's nature is inherently evil then that's their own damn problem, and if they think that trying to help someone become a better person is abuse, I guess AUK's right about me being the abuser in that situation, because I was dumb enough to think that I could change him. 


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