Sep. 2nd, 2017

apprehensiveacolyte: (cass)
I make a post warning Tumblr's Autistic community about a Doctor Who charity anthology whose proceeds are being donated to an organization (Caudwell Children) that is directly harmful to us, and soon someone who knows the author decides that I’m making the post to slander THEIR friend, because I have some kind of vendetta against THEM.
No. I have literally never spoken to you in my life. I am not following you and you are not following me. I made that post to help people who are dear to me, not to harm anyone else. I wasn’t “calling out” the author– I was trying to warn my community about something that could and has hurt us. The author has nothing to do with this. He’s a middle man here– seeing as he has an Autistic son who I’m assuming he loves and wants the best for, he probably thinks he’s helping his son by supporting said charity. He’s not helping his son, but I’m assuming ignorance rather than malice in this situation.
Anyway, you want to buy the book, then buy the book. I’m sure the quack autism cure industry will thank you.


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