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So, we’re debating getting a rat instead of a ferret once we move into our own apartment. Because although ferrets are adorable, we actually have experience keeping rats, and they’re much less likely to get into things they shouldn’t.

River is still pouting at me to get a black-footed ferret and name it after her.

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Earth's solar system, in Circular Gallifreyan. 


May. 30th, 2017 02:49 pm
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Our friends [personal profile] thehiysystem just moved over here from Tumblr and could use some help finding their way around Dreamwidth. 
Could y'all go check them out and maybe give them a follow or two? Thank.
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You know, it's funny, when everyone's shitposting at each other, EVERYBODY wants to hang out on the GT chat. But the moment I put up an application form for people to help transcribe some podcasts, suddenly people are as quiet as mice.
 Okay so. I know how to set up an access filter now how do you put a post in it? 
So, yeah, we've got three access filters now.

We've got a Woo filter, which is all our otherkin/pagan/Gallifreyan Tradition things.

We've got a Mental Health filter, which is for mental health things.

And we've got a Just Survivor Things filter, which is for all the shit we've been through both in this world and our other worlds. It also includes my cult experiences.

Comment if you'd like to be added. 

How do you set up an opt-in filter? I kind of want to set one up for my Gallifreyan Tradition/fictionkin/pop culture pagan musings so that no one who doesn't want to see it has to but I'm still super new at this.



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