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So, there's a friend of ours on Tumblr (I know, I know) who has just had $700 stolen from them by abusive parents. We've known them and their fiance long enough to know that their story is legitimate and they could really use some help to get out of their situation.

They're also a REALLY good diviner/tarot reader. Like, scary good. Their readings are some of the best I've seen, and Cass will tell you that they're the only ones they'll trust. Anyway, they're offering tarot and oracle card readings for between $1 and $7 depending on the length of the reading-- $1 is a one-card draw, $3 will get you a three-card reading, $5 will get you a past life reading, and $7 will get you a full celtic cross spread. You can find the post here and contact them through their blog if you'd like a reading.

If you're not into divination, which I completely get, they've also got a Youcaring which you can donate to here if you want. Just please help this person if you can. They've been fucked over pretty badly and every little bit helps in getting them out of their situation and into a better place.

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